Car Service

Car Service

Whether you drive a Maruti, Toyota, Honda or any other Brand vehicle, our trained technicians can repair and service your vehicle. When you bring your vehicle in to our workshop, they can perform the entire manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance services listed in your owner’s manual. You do not have to go to the dealer for these services to maintain your car.

All you have to do is the following:

  • Have your vehicle serviced at the intervals specified in your owner’s manual
  • Keep good records
  • Verify that each invoice includes the date of service, odometer reading, make, model, vehicle identification number, and parts used

We have got you covered. Our invoices include all the required information plus a clear explanation of what was done on your vehicle. In a further effort to assist you, we will send you Service Due Reminders and Recommended Repair Cards to help you with your car maintenance.

Running Repairs

Running Repairs
Need to fix your headlights? Do your brakes need to be examined? Wipers to be changed?

We do all kinds of repairs for your car ranging from your gearbox to your wheels to your interiors.

Just get your car over to Jagman Motors and let our experts take over from there.




Accidental Repairs

Met with an accident? Need a major or even minor portion of your car to be fixed?

We do all kinds of accidental repairs ranging from bodywork changes to denting, re-painting, etc…

We also guide you on how to claim the insurance and make sure that everything is fixed at the least or no expense to you.


Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Wheel AlignmentWheel Balancing











Wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels such that they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. The purpose of these adjustments is maximum tire life and a vehicle that moves straight and true when driving along a straight and level road.

Wheel Balancing, on the other hand allows the tires and wheels to spin without causing any vibrations. This is accomplished by checking for any heavy spots on the wheel-tire combination and compensating for it by placing a measured lead weight on the opposite site of the wheel from where the heavy spot is.

Our state of the art automated alignment and balancing systems from John Bean ensure that these two processes are done efficiently and seamlessly.

Car Painting

Paint MixingPaint Booth 2












We paint all brands of vehicles and offer a very wide range of colors.

Our State of the art paint booth makes sure that the paint applied to your car is of the best quality and lasts as long as your car does.

We also have the best equipment that makes us the masters of paint mixing, thus providing the exact texture as desired.

Tyre Rotation

Tyre Rotation

Rotating your tyres periodically can help to prevent uneven wear and prolong the lifespan of your tyres.

Tire rotation is the practice of moving the wheels and tyres of an automobile from one position to another to ensure even tyre wear.




Tyre Replacement

Tyre Repalcement

We have tie ups with all the top tyre manufacturers in the market. This enables us to provide you with the best quality tyres for your vehicle at the least rates and fastest turnaround time.

You can always speak to our tyre expert to get to know what tyres would be best suited for your vehicle.

Our specialized equipment also ensures that your rims are not damaged while your tyres are being replaced.

Car Wash & Polish

Car Polish

We do provide our power wash and polishing services.
At the end of it your vehicle will look as good as new.
We ensure that every particle of dust and dirt is wiped out from your car without damaging the original paint in any way.

Our long lasting dust resistant polish also ensures that your car looks shinier for longer.



Teflon Treatment & Interior Grooming


Opt for our interior cleaning services and we can make sure that not even a speckle of dust would be found in your car.

We Have the best equipment to ensure that your car interiors are clean and look like as if it were a brand new car.

Interior cleaning would include completely vacuum cleaning your interiors, Removing any stains with on the seats or dashboard, cleaning of all mats and we top it off by polishing the interiors to make them look as good as new.





Insurance Renewal And Benefits

InsuranceWe have tie ups with the top insurance companies in India. We can guarantee you that we can provide you with the best insurance at the least cost.

All you have to do is give your car details, we provide you with the quotations, if you would like to opt for any, just give us a check of the quoted amount and the insurance will be provided to you at the earliest without any hassles.

Some of the companies for whom we provide Cashless Services are :

  • Tata AIG
  • Royal Sundaram
  • Cholamandalam MS
  • Liberty Videocon
  • Universal Sompo
  • Magma HDI

Towing Services


We at Jagman Motors provide Towing services anywhere in Mumbai.

Our Tow trucks are best equipped with all equipment necessary to tow your car to the desired spot with absolutely no damage to your vehicle.

If you’re stranded due to a car breakdown or even due to an accident, just give us a call and we will dispatch a tow truck at the earliest.

Battery Services


Batteries are one of the most essential components of any Car. Proper maintenance and timely replacement of a worn out battery is a must.
However, most of the times these issue are always overlooked.
We at Jagman motors provide the best maintenance for your car’s battery and also sell new batteries.
We are the authorized dealers for car batteries of the following brands :

  • Exide
  • Amaron
  • ACDelco

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioning

Many auto owners take their auto conditioning system for granted and don’t even think about it unless it fails. However, like any other systems of your vehicle, an automotive air conditioner needs to be checked to make sure that it is functioning properly. One of the most common air conditioning problems is leakage.

It’s normal to lose some refrigerant over time, just like your tires lose air pressure. Since refrigerant is essential to your car, because it lubricates your entire AC system, the best thing you can do to prevent major repairs is to have you’re AC system checked annually.

At Jagman Motors, we can thoroughly check your air conditioning system to make sure everything is in good condition. Whether it’s simply adding refrigerant or replacing the compressor, the specialists at Jagman Motors will make sure you can beat the heat and drive in comfort all summer!

Annual Maintenance Contract

Annual Maintenance Contract

We offer an Annual Maintenance Contract for our customers. Register for one and enjoy hassle free driving. Our annual maintenance contract entitles you to the following :

  • 4 Services – Includes tuning, washing, cleaning, Under car nut & bolt tightening, door lubrication, replacement of chargeable consumables(air filter, engine oil, other lubricants, parts, etc…), etc…
  • 2 Wheel Alignment
  • 2 Wheel balancing
  • 2 Brake Cleaning
  • 1 Full Body Polish
  • 1 Full Interior Cleaning
  • 10% discount on labor on additional jobs
  • 24 hours helpline